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The PTFE O-Ring was originated by Chicago Gasket Company "Mirror Finish”™ PTFE O-Rings are best for heat and chemical resistance because they are shiny-smooth without surface chips, threads or marks which may cause leakage.

PTFE is a superior O-Ring material not affected by most chemicals

  • Used at temperatures up to 500°F
  • Lowest coefficient of friction of any solid material
  • Lubrication is less critical and can sometimes be omitted
  • Wear is uniform

For PTFE O-Ring squeeze & groove design, stretch-ability, deformation under load and surface protection and precautions for installing over threads, write or E-mail for our Bulletin O-3.

Standardized O-Ring sizes according to AS 568A of the Society of Automotive Engineers. See below for Size Chart and Bulletin SC-1B. Special sizes, intermediate, larger and metric sizes are also available.

PDF Mirror Finish O-Ring Size Chart (PDF - 1.14MB)

PDF Mirror Finish O-Rings Bulletin (PDF - 1.06MB)

Assorted O-Rings
Assorted O-Rings

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