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PTFE Tank Truck Liner

At Chicago Gasket Company, we are known throughout the industry for fabricating the finest quality PTFE parts at the highest levels of accuracy. We receive orders from customers across the country and around the world, including markets where PTFE is seldom used. In the project illustrated below, we received a request from a customer in the tank truck industry for a truck liner fabricated from PTFE and a high degree of accuracy and additional testing were required.

To create this product we employed virgin PTFE in billet stock and used one of our state-of-the-art CNC lathes to machine it. This project required thin walls manufactured to a high degree of accuracy. When completed, its overall dimensions measured 3.5" ID x 6.15" OD x 3.5" thick. We were able to easily achieve the required tolerances of ±0.005". For this item, the quality of the lining was of the utmost importance. In order to ensure all of our customer’s requirements were met, extensive First Article Inspections (FAI) and in-process inspections were performed. This specific truck liner application also required 100% electrical testing for pinhole free conditions. We tested the effectiveness of the liner’s insulating properties with a dielectric test apparatus. All tests and inspections determined that the insulation provided by our process was fully effective.

When the project was complete, we had produced 50 liners and provided delivery to the client. The turnaround time for this project, including all machining, fabrication, testing, and delivery, was just 3 weeks. Our customer was well pleased with the results and has returned to us for numerous additional projects.

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PTFE Tanker Truck Liner
PTFE Tanker Truck Liner

PTFE Tank Truck Liner Highlights

Project Name & Description
Tank truck liner
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Machined from billet stock & dielectric pinhole test
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
CNC lathe
Overall Part Dimensions
3.5 id x 6.15 od x 3.5 thk
Tightest Tolerances
+/- .005
Material Used
Virgin PTFE
Industry for Use
Tank truck
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
FAI, In Process, Final - Dielectric Test
Delivery/Turnaround Time
3-4 weeks
Standards Met
Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
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